At thirty-six, Marion Roth is settled, uneasily, into a life of middle class order—a house on a good street, a career and family in place. And then she meets José, her natural opposite. He is sensual, artistic, impulsive, desirable, and also, unfortunately, the object of her daughter’s teenage passion. Following her impulses, Marion swerves off course and into a future that surprises everyone, most particularly herself.


“Freed’s prose pleases both mind and spirit… These are interesting people, especially our heroine, who has everything except “the independence of spirit to turn away from achieved success, to spin her own webs of wonder.”
—Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Lynn Freed has written an anti-romance in romance clothing. Perhaps for today’s psychologically-minded liberated women (this) is is the only viable kind of romance around.”
—The Oakland Tribune

Publisher: Story Line Press (November 1, 2000)
ISBN: 1885266952
Paperback: 448 pages